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Plex is a gift from God for those who are having difficulties managing their media files and wish to access it via various devices. Today there are a myriad of choices of television shows, movies as well as other types of entertainment. With the vast array of options available to our arsenal, it rarely becomes too difficult to manage the media files. Plex provides a viable solution to this issue, it offers options to use your files on any device compatible with it, without the necessity of having to transfer the files each time you wish to use them.

To access all of this information, you must create the Plex server, and then connect to a Plex client for your smartphone, TV or other devices. This article will show you the steps to link to connect your Plex client and your Plex account. On mobiles, it’s simple to connect, but for TVs, you’ll need to follow additional steps. This article will help you on how to connect plex to your television.

According to the official website of Plex It’s like an internet portal through which Plex allows you to search the media you have files, which could include everything including your personal documents and podcasts, web series and even news, to streaming music in one place and can be accessed and browsed from any device that is connected for Plex TV. Plex TV server.

The service does not just let you stream your content however it has many additional features within its library. In addition to tracking content to managing it remotely, optimizing your the media to work on different devices, or with a limited bandwidth, to protecting the privacy of your data, Plex offers all you would expect. There are other benefits that come with Plex that make it superior to Plex in comparison to other options.

  • You are able to share your content without limitations on geography. Physical boundaries cannot stop you from accessing the desired content.
  • Music streaming. You’re not restricted by videos Music also has similar advantages in your Plex System.
  • Install your DVR, and record your shows on the air. You can then watch it from anywhere. WOAH!! (Premium Membership Feature)
  • You just need to connect to your TIDAL account to gain access to more than 60 million tracks.

How to Create an account on

  • If you’re on a computer, you can visit https// within the browser.
  • Click on the login link in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Then tap on Sign Up.
  • Enter your email, password and email address.
  • Joining is possible through Gmail, Facebook, and Apple.
  • Accept and agree to all terms and conditions.
  • Check your email and confirm your details.
  • The Plex account is setup.

Where to Enter Plex TV Code?

  • When you start the browser of your computer or mobile device, visit to confirm that you’re logged into the right Plex account.
  • Enter a four-character code , then click Apply.
  • When the code is entered and the participant’s account is activated the program will be refreshed at a regular interval after a brief period and will be connected with your online account.

How to Connect to Your Account Via Code?

  • Turn on your Smart TV and choose the Sign In button.
  • Take note of the four numbers of the link you must connect your account to the one you created using Plex. Plex account.
  • Go to code in your internet browser.
  • Enter the code for the link.
  • Click on Submit.
  • The app will then re-start it self a few seconds later. It will then be connected with Plex TV.

How to activate on your Smart TV?

Before you begin, be sure that you have your Plex server is running properly and that you have set up accounts on

Steps to Activate Plex TV Link.

These steps will connect your big screen devices such as Android TV, Smart TV as well as Apple TV, etc. As you are aware, entering your password on these devices can be a little difficult. To help you avoid the stress of writing your Password on these platforms Plex and other services such as YouTube utilize this 4-character login code to connect your account.

  1. On your TV, choose the Sign In option on the screen

  2. In the next few minutes, you will be able to view an identifier of four characters on the TV screen. That is the one we will use for signing-in.

  3. Visit using a PC or Smartphone. Enter your Plex login details on this page, and then log in to it

  4. When you log in, it will ask you for the four-character code. This will be displayed in your TV Screen. Enter the code and then click on submit.

  5. After you have completed all four steps. The Plex application on your TV will start to refresh and become connected to the account you have. This could take just a few minutes.

How to Set up Plex Media Server on Your Computer via

  • The first step is to visit and then proceed to sign-up page.
  • You can then begin the process of downloading Plex Media Server Software.
  • Navigate to or
  • Select the operating system compatible with the operating system that your computer is built on.
  • You need to download Plex Media Server on your computer.
  • Plex Media Server to your device as well as a network-attached (NAS) device, which can store your videos movies, images and music videos together with the other files in your multimedia.

How do I install Plex Application on different devices?

  • Download the mobile application through Google Play Store, Google Play Store or Amazon App Store as well as the Apple App Store.
  • The first step is to sign up to your Plex App to the correct Plex account.
  • Imagine you’re using a device equipped with an interface on which you can use to type.
  • In this situation, Plex provides you multiple options to sign up using Google, Facebook, Apple and also by using your OG Email ID and password system.
  • But, what if you have to sign in to devices like smart TVs.
  • If you do, you can sign into your account with a 4-digit code so you don’t have to be concerned about entering lengthy passwords or IDs every day.
  • If you enter the code on your smart TV it will refresh showing you the options available.

What is Plex and its Features?

  • The most trusted streaming site that provides both free and paid pictures and videos are
  • In the USA the streaming service of Plex is highly rated.
  • Over 20,000 movies. Alongside live TV, Plex has over 80 streaming stations.
  • It provides local-listed shows and sporting events and information.
  • Over 20,000 accessible and on-demand images, as well as images from different networks are available to stream to customers.
  • It allows the users of each device to restrict their shows or movies, and then create their own streams TV channel, display musicand much more.
  • Plex is an online platform to manage media, which includes two parts The program for managing media servers (Plex Media Server) and the Playback Software (Plex) which replaces Plex Media Player. Plex Media Player.
  • The advantage in this setup is that it means you do not have to keep your files collection in your server.
  • Your library of media will be accessible to any device that runs Plex. Plex application.
  • Plex is a great choice for people with huge storage of media content locally.
  • However, it’s not always a lot for storage on devices on which they’ll be streaming their content to.
  • It’s also a good option for people who don’t enjoy streaming or popular video services.

How Much Does Plex Cost?

  • Plex provides an account for free.
  • This is the tier that gives you all the basic streaming and storage of media and the option of casting your content across multiple devices and support for wide range of media formats, like 4K.
  • For those who are more experienced you should consider the more expensive Plex Pass account costing $4.99 per month or $39.99 annually for a year, for $119.99 to get an entire year’s subscription.
  • It is a Plex Pass includes everything in the free account as well as several other options that make it simpler to utilize.
  • For example, Plex Pass subscribers get Premium Photos and Music options which include automatic tags and automated lyrics, along with access to Live TV via an antenna and tuner as well with offline mobile and syncing.

Why is it crucial to login into the Plex Account?

It is essential for every user to log in on Plex TV Link. Plex TV Link in order to benefit from the advantages. If you don’t, you’ll be unable to access the following featuresThe following features are available

  • The Plex app on devices like Sony PlayStation, Xbox, SmartTVs aren’t working in any way without a login.
  • Access to the home network server via remote is feasible when you’re connected.
  • You can even take advantage of the content shared by your loved ones and friends across the globe.

If you own an Plex Pass Subscription, it is required to sign in to enjoy the benefits.

How do I Install Plex TV on an Android TV

If you’re already a huge fan of this amazing service called Plex TV Link, then you’re in for a surprise. Since we know it works on all platforms available, Plex works like a success if you own an Smart TV that runs the Android system. The latest Android Smart TVs include built-in support for Plex but not all previous versions support it. Simply follow the steps below and you have access to every media you want from your sofa at any time of the day.

  • Go to the Android TV menu, then open your Google Play Store on it.
  • Find “Plex” in the search box, and then install it onto the Android TV.
  • Once you have opened Plex. To access the Plex App, you would have to sign up by following the steps outlined in the previous section.
  • When you’ve completed the steps above for the Android TV, you should now be able to access the desired files which are saved on your server.

Even if you don’t have a TV with Android operating on it, most smart TVs support Plex. Plex Application and you can download and run the application in the same way as described earlier. The most important reason behind the popularity for Plex is its access to multiple platforms as well as the ease of use on these platforms.

  1. Now, You will be able to see a 4-character code on your TV screen. This is the code which we will use for sign-in.
  2. Go to on a computer or Smartphone. Put your Plex account details on this page and Login into it.
  3. Once you are logged in it will ask you the 4-character code. You can see this on your TV Screen. Enter the code and click the submit button.
  4. Once you are done with all 4 steps. Your Plex app on TV should refresh itself and will be linked to your account. This can take a few seconds.

  • Open your mobile phone or computer’s web browser.
  • Visit the website using Google Chrome browser.
  • The Login or Sign-In button was clicked.
  • You’ll be brought to a dashboard through Plex where you’ll notice an option asking for the activation number.
  • Enter the activation code , follow the steps to set up Plex on your TV.